Studying and analyzing advertisements like “Coca-Cola” and ” Mc Donald” as American symbols, (especially for people out of the USA) and their placement in layouts and image making system affected by Iranian-Islamic art, my first observational experiences in grad school to see how visual and structural interaction was possible in two different cultures. The result of these exercises and observations made a significant contribution to designing a poster for a quote of the former US President, Barack Obama, inspired by the layout of a page of the 800-year-old Quran .

This experiment aims to challenge and de-familiarize the images that were common to the western audience. Also, I focused on defining a differentiation and desacralization of the old images of Middle Eastern audiences, who had the pre-eminence of seeing this type of art that served religious concepts.



Image Making and Poster Design Based on Islamic Art with American Symbols
Digital print on lustre paper
27x40 in.

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