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1:Photograph vs. photograph contains 38 photographs in Mashhad and Tabriz in Iran and are captured faced with the people of these two cities in urban way of life; on the surface, they‘re ethnographic portraits which has tried to adhere to the principals of social documentary photography. Subjects are people who live in the city free from fanfare of photography theories and like other people, their information and experiences about photography go back to family albums, old cameras and modern electronic devices like mobile phones and tablets. They neither know principals of Harald Mante composition in photography nor hear about John Berger’s theory about Ways of Seeing. They are potential photographers who have grown in social media school and take photos by their internal taste.

2: I can remember my oldest photos were in the delivery room that my father captured them with a great passion in the first sense of fatherhood experience. A few hours baby who does not open his eyes or in the first day of school, a grumbling boy with a frown, separate from other peers in the group photo. I always visualize my ideal man in my mind, and it is more obvious in my selfies than in photos of me taken by others. This is always a question for me that which one is my real self? A question that created a big concern in me and makes me to search for myself. I made myself a subject but not in the view of photographers with academic knowledge and even not in the view of my idealist self.

This time, I solicited from people whom I am living with. Every day we cross by each other, sometimes we smile and greet without any prejudice to each other and with information that we take from each other.

Photograph vs. photograph.


An effort to challenge aesthetic has taught in academic space in comparison with the non-academic aesthetic that unknowingly taught by media

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